What I Learned About Shared Hosting


I thought all hosting was the same until I decided to do this website.  Turns out, I really needed to know a lot more.


First, cheap hosting is most likely provided on a shared server, which was where I started.  Let me give you an idea of what shared hosting is:


Think of shared hosting as a large business tower with many many offices and one elevator. The speed at which people can get in and out depends on the speed of the elevator, and the volume, of visitors and business people that are coming and going at any time.  That’s how a shared server works, and if the server your site is on is heavily loaded with other websites, and a slow server, depending on the traffic, access to your site can be painfully slow. Take it from me, I know!


Another problem could be the other website owners too.  Thinking of our large business tower, everyone sends mail. Now imagine if one of the business in the building sends bad mail and the post office says we will no longer deliver mail you send out: catastrophe!


Similarly, many business people like communicating via email because it is inexpensive and they can communicate to their client’s easily and all at once (email blast, or as I like to call it: email broadcast). Most website owners follow the rules regarding email; however, any one website can cause the entire server to be blacklisted! What does that mean: well, it means all of the websites with same server address (IP) are blacklisted. It means your mail may not even get to the junk folder of the address you are sending to because your client’s email service will block it: period!


This was a hard lesson learned.  It took me days to figure out the solution to this problem. I ultimately decided I had to go through the painstaking ordeal of changing hosting services because of the agonizing slow loading speed of this site, and after several attempts to get this cleared up, it became apparent the blacklisted IP was not going to be fixed. For now, I have switched to a semi-dedicated hosting plan.  I checked to confirm the IP was not blacklisted, and though I did not go with a dedicated server, this change should solve both problems!


Shared hosting may not have been best for my project, however, those of you wanting to host a site inexpensively where speed and sending emails to a large client base is not important, and your site is relatively simple (a few HTML and PHP pages, maybe a small MySQL database with a small number of pictures), may find it just fine!



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