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Local businesses continually find themselves facing a search engine ranking problem. On their own, small and local business/company websites will find it difficult to get higher rankings, since they might have a small number of pages and because of the sheer volume of similar websites.

As potential customers become more Internet savvy, local companies could be doing themselves a great disservice by not having some sort of additional exposure on the Internet; thus, online business directory advertising websites can be helpful and if not significant for them.

Local business directories have become very popular among internet users, and many business owners are including them in their online marketing efforts. An online business directory connects buyers and sellers. They offer the same advantages as advertising in traditional yellow pages. By having a business website listed, they can establish their brands, give their customers and surfers the latest information about their business and what’s more important, and attract new customers.


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Before the expansion of the internet, local businesses would rely on word of mouth and traditional print services to find new customers. Some could even afford to advertise on radio and TV. However, as media has evolved towards more sophisticated routes such as the Internet, it has become increasingly more difficult (and oftentimes prohibitively expensive) for local businesses to stand-out against the crowd by advertising in both newer and traditional types of media.

Today, it is common knowledge, more than 70% of US households now use the internet when searching for local products and services. These same Internet users have looked for services and products close to their home or business. Moreover, recent Internet studies have found that some of the most searched keywords in search engines such as Google or Yahoo are words such as local business, free, discount, cheap, and other terms, leading smart business people to realize the searcher is looking for a particular product or service.

Most internet searches are not for items such as electronics that can be purchased online. People are also looking for automotive services, tutors, daycare, lawn care, restaurants, grocery stores, salons, plumbers, and much much more. That means consumers are searching for businesses in their local area that they can patronize. These daily forays into the unknown, searches we all engage in are all based on knowing where to find help/business products/services they need. And as mentioned above, with an abundance of people turning to the Internet to find the goods and services they need, even a small Internet presence can increase business.

Websites such as the Mississippi Gulf Coast Business Directory (LBD-MSGC) allow companies and business like yours to create local listings that include basic contact information, slogans, product/service descriptions, photos, customizable coupons, and much more. Searchers might even bookmark your listing!

Targeted Traffic is the key to your website success!

Attracting targeted traffic makes having a website worthwhile; however, a pretty website, on its own, won’t generate the volume of targeted traffic you want and your business needs. The prettiest website in the world is only as good as the genuine sales leads it generates; therefore, you want website visitors that are looking for what you’re selling.

How to Get Targeted Traffic

You COULD just submit your website to the search engines and watch your listing get lost in the thousands of business websites that are just like yours. Most web experts agree that in order to benefit from search engine traffic, at worst, your listing needs to appear within the first three pages of the search engine results, and at best, the first page of the search engine results!

There are ways to boost the flow of targeted traffic to your website, and on the World Wide Web: increased traffic means increased sales. A listing on the LBD-MSGC can help boost your sales in a number of ways.

Want to be a big fish in a little pond?

First: List Your Business Site on the LBD-MSGC?

On the web, fewer means more. When you rely on Google and Yahoo! and MSN searches for your traffic, you’re a Little Fish in a Big Pond, a tiny minnow in the ocean. You are literally competing with thousands of other business sites for a spot on the first three pages.

A listing on the LBD-MSGC will put you where your existing and potential customers and clients will see you. Your business will be listed on a site that’s designed for people who are seeking information about the products and/or services you sell. Because the LBD-MSGC offers an easy to use search system, your potential clients don’t have to wade through three pages of listings to find your business.

Here’s how the LBD-MSGC can boost YOUR website’s ranking

The LBD-MSGC strives to develop links to and from many websites that are relevant to the Mississippi Gulf Coast; therefore, it’s far more likely your business may rank higher with the big search engines in page results than any single site could. When you list your website on the LBD-MSGC, you’re leveraging the popularity and page ranking of the directory to bring traffic to your website. Additionally, many search engines count the links to your website to establish the popularity of your website, every link from an outside site gives your site a little boost. More importantly, when Google recognizes a website as an authority, and that authority website links to your website, you get an extra little bump up in the listings.

Reciprocal links, search engine submissions, and submissions to directories are all important, and key pieces of your web marketing strategy. By paying close attention to these opportunities, you’ll find that your website will pay off in increased sales.


Original post date: October 6, 2017
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